Empowering employers, trustees and members

Retirement planning has changed. For the first time ever your near-retirement employees can access their pension savings however they like.

As well as giving your employees much wider pension choices, these changes will have a profound effect on workforce planning and good governance. Staying informed is crucial.

Naturally, the timing of retirement has to meet everyone’s needs - and Pilot can help achieve this.

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Pilot for your members

Pilot helps both employers and employees to understand the changes to retirement planning.

It has never been more important to engage your employees in thinking about retirement. They face big decisions. Pilot educates, supports and empowers your employees by providing a clear and easy platform allowing them to review their own pensions. It is designed to tackle your employees’ needs head on.

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1Gives employees control — enables employees to shape how they save as well as take their pensions

2Engages through education — using relevant content that’s tailored to individual preferences

3Caters to employees different learning styles — it is built around a watch, play, read approach

4Keeps things simple — its clean interface has been shaped by real users to give an easy user experience

5Tailoring it to your brand — Pilot is easily re-skinned with your own visual branding

What can Pilot do for you?

Pilot is a new, user-friendly, digital platform that gives employers and employees an edge in retirement planning. It provides you, the employers with an extensive range of workforce analytics. Thanks to clear, intuitive dashboards, standardised reports and device-agnostic technology, Pilot couldn’t be simpler to access and use.

Pilot for employers and trustees

Better workforce management
Managing your workforce effectively is all about talent retention and clear career paths for talent to progress. Helping your workforce plan for their retirement is an important part of this.

Intelligent data analytics
The secret to managing your workforce effectively and exercising good governance is to see potential issues early. And that’s why the analytics capability and intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard of Pilot is so valuable.

Targeted communications
With many more choices at retirement, the ability of employees to make informed, well-educated choices has never been more important. Supporting and informing these decisions is key.

Better business governance
Trustees and employers have focused on overseeing DB pensions. However the spotlight has turned towards DC schemes through the introduction of the DC code and DC principles – governance over DC schemes is no longer optional.

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Take control of your data with Pilot